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  • On the contrary, last-borns may be less likely to be affected, which may lead to a decreased risk of their mental health problems.
  • The other one is that sociocultural characteristics in each country may contribute to the inconsistency.
  • Sibling relationships may vary depending on the compositions .

In addition, continuing to hold the child after they have fallen asleep for another five to eight minutes before laying them down in their cot could reduce the likelihood of the baby waking up. Researchers from the RIKEN Centre for Brain Science in the Japanese city of Saitama say that carrying babies for a five-minute walk promotes sleep even in the daytime. Digital assets are NOT backed by any government or central bank.

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A new project could inflate its fully diluted value simply by allowing for a huge number of future coins or tokens.

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However, it is noteworthy that these studies were conducted more than three decades ago and focused on adolescents and young adults, which may lead to inconsistency with our findings. Self-esteem is found to decline across adolescence through the experience of stressful life events , for example, school transitions . In Japan, school transitions generally occur between the ages of 12 and 15 years. For this reason, the participants in our study typically have no experience of school transitions. Thus, the experience of other stressful life events may contribute to the inconsistency.

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Indeed, the association of birth order with positive aspects in non-Western countries remains unknown due to the lack of research. Furthermore, limited population-based studies focusing on children have been conducted to examine the association. Third, parental differential treatment may affect the association of birth order with mental health problems. Parental differential treatment, such as favoritism and unfavorable comparison, can cause not only sibling jealousy but also behavior problems , emotional issues , and lower self-esteem . In Japan, the i.e., system and the practice of amae may strengthen parental differential treatment.

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Our study found no differential association of birth order with self-esteem among pre-adolescent children. Previous research has shown that first-borns and only children tend to have higher self-esteem than later-borns . Further, another study has reported that middle-borns have significantly lower self-esteem than first-borns and last-borns .

SD and AI contributed to conception, design, data acquisition, analysis, interpretation, and critically revised the manuscript. MO contributed to conception, design, data acquisition, and critically revised the manuscript. TF contributed to conception, design, data acquisition, analysis, interpretation, drafted, and critically revised the manuscript. All authors gave final approval and agree to be accountable for all aspects of the work. Being a relatively new cryptocurrency in the market, it could be difficult to offer a decisive price prediction on the Saitama Inu coin. Nevertheless, the coin shows some prospects of moving even higher though the cryptocurrency market always holds some surprises and one should therefore be advised when investing in the coin.

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Third, we could not assess the influence of peer relationships. Peer relationships, such as bullying and victimization, are important factors that affect mental health among school children, and such exposure might vary by sibling positions . Thus, the quality of peer relationships might modify the effects of birth order.

In rare cases, it could be your VPN that is causing the issue. Some countries block access to cryptocurrency sites and apps. Although enabling a VPN does offer an advanced amount of security, it could be causing issues with Trust Wallet. Although the app does support over 40 blockchains, it doesn’t support all that are available.

This study aimed to examine the associations of birth order with mental health problems, and happiness, self-esteem, and resilience among children aged 9–10 years in Japan, using a population-based dataset collected in 2018. However, previous studies have reported that last-born adolescents and adults have an increased risk of mental illness in the US, the UK, Norway, and Sweden (5–8), which is inconsistent with our findings. There are two possible explanations for the inconsistency. The one is that the positive effects of the last position on mental health in childhood may vary in adolescence and adulthood.

Moreover, Baldwin and Hoffmann indicated that perceived family support has preventive effects on the decline of self-esteem in adolescence . Further longitudinal research is required to reveal the association between birth order and self-esteem from childhood to adulthood. Despite these limitations, our findings can help parents identify children at risk for mental health problems in pre-adolescence. Information and guidance about the association of birth order with mental health may allow parents to notice initial symptoms of child mental health problems and manage these problems before adolescence at an earlier stage.