Choosing a gift for a baby shower can be a really fun experience. There is nothing cuter than fresh smelling, tiny baby clothes and accessories that a tiny little human will soon fill. When searching for baby shower gifts, most people opt for diapers and wipes, or clothes, blankets and stuffed teddies. While these are great options as babies always need these, there are better, more unique gifts out there, such as an educational toy for when the baby is a bit older, or a beautifully illustrated book.

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The very first thing to do is find out if the mom has a gift registry at a baby store. Sometimes a mother will select items that she would like to receive for her new baby, and guests are then able to pick from that list and buy a gift.

Most people opt for simple gifts for a baby shower. The cuter, the better. But with introducing new products almost daily, it can be hard to keep up with what a baby really needs. A few great ideas for gifts for a baby shower are:

  • Sleep Sacks
  • Bath time products
  • Pacifier clips
  • Teething sets
  • Diapers and wipes
  • Clothes
  • Car seat covers
  • Play gyms

But imagine if you could give a unique gift that no one else thought of! Why not opt for a kit for mom comprising a range of essential oils to help her relax after a long day with a newborn? Another great gift idea is a massage voucher, which could help mom to feel pampered and special.

Many baby product stockists offer gift baskets with a range of products for both mom and baby, which can act like a 2-in-1 gift, so mom can get a spoil too. Gift baskets are also available for mom to use while she is in the hospital, and would include items like maternity sanitary pads, maternity bras, stretchy maternity underwear and even things like body wash and shampoo. These baskets are also customizable, as the customer is able to select what they would like to include in the basket.

There is no wrong or right choice when it comes to a baby shower gift. If you choose to buy something that is not on the registry, then that is your choice. Whether it is small or big, a gift shows the mom that you care for her and her baby. Should you wish to choose a customized gift, such as a hooded towel or blanket, make sure that you have the right spelling of the baby’s name.

Choose a gift that comes from the heart. Something that the mom and baby can look at in years to come and know that you are the one who purchased it for them. Remember, it is not always the price that determines a gift’s value, but rather the thought that went into the choosing of the gift.