Big Data has become a trillion-dollar industry, and traditional data processing methods can no longer handle such vast amounts of data. Your java developers for hire must have some experience with big data or at least an understanding of it. A good understanding of essential DevOps tools such as Docker, Chef, Kubernetes, Maven, and Jenkins is especially crucial for senior-level java developers. Their responsibilities often include applying coding best practices and producing manuals and scripts, for which they will need the DevOps tools. According to Barnali Sabhakriti, Director of Recruitment at Synechron, “Look for a dedicated Java developer who is not only technically strong but also has practical expertise in fixing Java challenges”.

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  • The third stage needs you to look for a placement in an internship program while studying.
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Java Developers are programmers who create websites and mobile apps using java. Their work does not end anytime during the entire lifecycle of the product. They plan, design, manage and then test their product, assuring the client gets a bug-free, smooth end-product. There are numerous qualities that you need in an efficient Java developer including technical skills and a range of soft skills.

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You must be thoroughly clear with these concepts as they are the basis of the Java programming language. OOP allows developers to construct fully reusable apps with less code and in less time.

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If you need some recommendations to learn REST, then check out this RESTful Web Services, Java, Spring Boot, Spring MVC, and JPA course on Udemy for Java developers. This is one of the leading technology which is getting more and more popular in the Java world and having this on your resume can make you eligible for some of the exciting Java career opportunities in the world. If you want to learn Kafka, you can check out this list ofbest Kafka courses for beginnerson Udemy.

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Due to a large ecosystem of products and frameworks, interview questions greatly differ and may include questions related to java web development, app development, backend programming, and specific framework. Java is one of the powerful programming languages that is almost 25 years old and runs on everything from laptops, mobiles, data centers, TVs, embedded systems, game consoles to scientific supercomputers. If you are planning to interview a Java developer then you should be thoroughly prepared to evaluate him or her against various criteria including technical and soft skills. You should have a technical question bank ready and you must also evaluate them for their coding proficiency in a live coding challenge or coding project.

When recruiting a Java programmer, the capacity to learn and be adaptable is vital. So, before making a final decision, make sure that candidates are aware of Java 8 streams and libraries like Guava and RxJava, as well as how Java 9 modular systems may affect projects. Java microservices are a collection of small-scale software applications implemented in the Java programming language that work together to generate a larger solution. Its architecture is similar to how to become a java developer a factory assembly line, with each microservice serving as a station along the line. The best part about microservices is you can simply align a complex application with these small-scale individual programs. Since its release in 1995, Java has been a popular programming language. It’s a compiled language with object code that isn’t limited to a single processor or machine, making it ideal for cross-platform applications like web apps and server-side programming.