You can even share your recorded responses with anyone to get valuable feedback. With interview simulators, you can take realistic mock interviews on your own, from anywhere. The submission process is a long one, and it can be frustrating. Your developer should know how the process works and guide you along the way. Final Artwork – a good developer should require the final artwork before they start developing to ensure no doubling of effort is done. This might include the installation, registration, activation and taking the first actions that will determine whether a user has adopted the app and/or product.

mobile developer interview questions

If there is a property that you know has no risk on initializing value, then set it to nonatomic can gain a bit of performance. When the property is called for the first time, an initial value of the lazy stored properties is calculated. The proprietary data storage provided by Apple provides persistent storage. It’s easy to manage because you can use xcode to change the model name or attributes. For example, you must use the NSMutableArray type to be able to resize the array. Volatility is determined when a variable is initialized with a keyword, not a specific data class.

What are the life cycle methods of android activity?

It also shows the interviewer that you are open to learning and adapting to new things. Your answer should show your willingness to try out new technologies, as well as your ability to learn quickly. This question can help the interviewer determine how to become a mobile developer your level of experience with different operating systems. It can also show them which ones you prefer to work with and why. If you have previous experience working with multiple operating systems, explain what you like about each one.

The answer to this question is similar to when you are asked to discuss or describe a technique or methodology. If possible, you should try to provide examples similar to the features of the applications you are likely to be working on for the organization.

Given a list of number 8 4 3 0 6 4 0, move all 0’s to start of the list. use minimum sorting rounds

Every iOS developer should know what’s available to them to build the service/networking layer of their application. Interviewers ask this question to grasp your understanding of what tools and ways you have available to store and persist data on iOS. Adapter is a design pattern that helps you, as the name suggests, adapt the interface of one object to the interface of another. This pattern is often used when you try to adapt third-party code that you can’t change to your code, or when you need to use something that has an inconvenient or incompatible API. This is conceptually the same thing in Swift as it is in Objective-C. It deallocates memory used by objects whose reference count dropped to zero. ARC does not increase or decrease the reference count of value types because, when assigned, these are copied.

  • Frames are too error-prone and difficult to use because it’s hard to calculate precise coordinates and view sizes for various devices.
  • The tests drive implementation and design of your production code, helping you write only the code necessary to pass the tests implementation, no more, no less.
  • When you’re preparing for your technical iOS interview, it’s important to understand what you could be asked about topics and what is expected from a seasoned iOS developer.
  • A mobile phone is more prone to network problems than a standalone computer.
  • It wraps around something that you want to decorate, implements its interface, and delegates messages sent to it to the underlying object or enhances them or provides its own implementation.

When needed for the first time, it generally uses lazy loading to create a single instance. As with all technical roles, it’s best to use a written assignment to test candidates’ coding skills. Also, keep an eye out for potential hires who are passionate about their field and take on side projects.

What is a content provider?

They’re more likely to contribute fresh ideas, inform their team about new tools and perform well at work. You want to hire someone for your company who fits well with your team, and you don’t have much time to get to know that person. You need to know what to ask about and how to behave – you don’t want the other person to feel uncomfortable, as this could lead to judging someone wrong and missing out on a great developer.

Developers should use such features only when necessary and use optimized OS solutions to update data in the background. Developers must be aware that the device on which they are testing their app is just one of thousands of devices their users will use. They have to check how the app looks in smaller phones, bigger phones, tablets, etc., and adapt the layout to them. One of the most popular is Firebase Crashlytics, which supports both iOS and Android. It provides a lot of useful information about app crashes like the full-stack trace, operating system version, device manufacturer, and user language. To receive information from a server without polling via a series of requests, a mobile app might use push notifications. This is a better solution than constantly requesting new data, because it will not drain the battery and will use less network data.

How will maintenance of the app work?

In iOS, ‘assign’ is used to create an orientation from one object to the other without raising the retain count of the source object. It is a list comma-separated type and is enclosed in parentheses. After a brief transition through the inactive state, it moves to the background or the active state when it is launched.